About Us


Migration Safaris was founded in 1993 by husband and wife Charles & Meregan Norwood. Charles and Meregan first visit to Africa as a couple was in 1992 when they flew into Kano in Northern Nigeria to pick up a Land Rover that belonged to Charles. It had been left there by an expedition he was supporting and back up for. His previous life was being an overland driver, predominantly through Africa. The original idea was to relocate the Land Rover back to the UK via the Sahara. However, fate intervened and instead they drove South and West through Cameroon, The Central African Republic, Zaire (now DR Congo) Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. The trip was one of a kind, and their love for Africa knew no end after it.
On their return they set out to make their passion a lifestyle and set up not one, but two safari companies. Migration Safaris and Safari Drive. Migration Safaris focused on tailor made safari holidays, of all varieties in all countries, where Safari Drive is a company focused on self drive safaris, which sees you drive yourself through Africa on holiday. Both companies are run from one office and the combined knowledge of the two means there’s not a rock in Africa we haven’t looked under. Charles and Meregan are still turning rocks for the company today – they also got married in Africa, in Kenya.


We want to be really clear about this – we offer amazing value. Tailor-made does not necessarily mean booking an expensive trip. It simply means attention to every detail of your trip arranged by a true expert. Our travel consultants have extensively travelled in Africa and know these destinations inside out – they work to get your holiday booking right, saving you time and taking all the organisational headaches away. You also have the assurance that your holiday is 100% financially protected and emergency assistance will be available 24/7.


+ Meregan Norwood

Meregan has lived in South Africa and Saudi Arabia and has driven Land Rovers the length and breadth of Africa which gives her a greater understanding of the geography and location of lodges than most travel professionals. She is an ex-professional show jumper and motor racing driver. Being based in Lambourn, she rides out racehorses early every morning before coming to the Migration Safaris office. She is an experienced safari organiser arranging self drive and lodge-to-lodge safaris as well as African weddings and honeymoons. Meregan and Charles got married in Kenya in 2004.

+ Charles Norwood

Charles is a highly experienced expedition organiser and has participated in major overland expeditions since the 1980’s. These have included crossing the whole of Africa by road several times – once in a fire engine! He has driven between London and Kathmandu more times than he cares to remember and once escorted a black cab between London and Sydney. He is Managing Director of Migration Safaris and looks after logistics and uses his wealth of expedition experience to advise on the more adventurous trips. His interests include paragliding (obsessively) and rock climbing.

+ Carly Robb

One of our longest serving and most passionate team members, Carly heads Migration Safari’s administration. Having lived in South Africa and the Middle East, Carly has a real passion for travel. Not only travel, but adventure travel. She has rafted down wild Turkish rivers and driven across Namibia just for for starters. Her Namibia trip saw her spend 3 weeks driving into the remotest parts of the country, with her daughters. She combined driving with riding and other family activities, which was the inspiration behind our now very successful family self drive programme.

+ Joe Hanlon

Joe has several years experience in the travel industry creating tailored itineraries. He has travelled widely in Central and Southern America, Australia and South East Asia, but Africa is his great love. He first travelled to Mozambique and Zimbabwe as a teenager and more recently driven across the remoter parts of eastern and southern Africa. He now heads up the Botswana and Tanzania sales teams, as well has having great first hand knowledge of self driving in Namibia. Recently returned from Zambia and Malawi.

+ Ben Nelson

Ben is an Africa lover who will do anything to get himself out to this wondrous continent. Having self driven in Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, South Africa, and parts of Botswana, his knowledge of the roads in Africa is extensive. Self driving aside he’s also been to Zanzibar, where he likes to kite surf, and he often finds himself in Kenya’s Laikipia, as one of his closest friend manages Sosian Camp there. Keen and always excited, he looks forward to enlightening you about Migration Safaris.

+ Joanna Houlston

Jo has been in the travel industry since 2001 working for small specialist tour operators and travelling widely in that time. Her last Migration Safaris trip was in our Land Rover, ‘Bruce’, an extended journey taking her to parts of Botswana and Zambia, along the Caprivi Strip & then all the way down through Namibia, following the route of our very popular self drive adventure from Windhoek to Livingstone. She is also currently working on our new destination ideas developing the Migration Safaris concept in South America.


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