How to Plan Your Safari Holiday for Maximum Enjoyment

18 Apr How to Plan Your Safari Holiday for Maximum Enjoyment

Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect safari holiday

What Type of Safari Do I Want?

First you need to think about what type of safari you would like to go on.

Are you more likely to want to travel long distances and stay in a number of different locations? Do you want stay in one or two places and explore them more deeply? Do you want more freedom and adventure or more safety and comfort?

There is no wrong answer as it is your safari and should be exactly what makes you comfortable. We are here to help you decide what sort of accommodation is right for you. Take a look below at the fantastic scenery you could see in Botswana.

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Lodge To Lodge

This is a nomadic type of experience where you move from one lodge (or tented camp) to another, then going out on guided safaris at each new location. You get to choose your route and lodgement; this allows you the benefit of combining adventure with safety and comfort while still enjoying all the benefits of guided safaris.


Luxury Mobile Camps

A very traditional way to go on safari, this is a fantastic way to get closer to nature with some added comfort. The large tents have beds and showers; you can eat in a special dining tent separate from the kitchen as well. The luxury camps give you the same freedom as a mobile camp, but with the added luxury and comfort of double beds and ensuite bathrooms.

Your guides have intimate knowledge of the area so you will be able to view the best of the wildlife and stay in the most stunning locations.

Best of all, your trip can be arranged to meet your specific preferences, interests, and needs.


Private Houses

The ultimate in privacy and luxury can be found with private houses.

You get a fully-staffed safari house with the benefits of your own personal guide or at a beach where you can swim, scuba dive and relax by the sea. Each house is full of character and offers a wide variety of facilities from spectacular pools to guided bush walks and night game drives. .


What Type of Accommodation Do I Want to Stay In?

Now that you know the different type of safari options there are, it’s time to think about what kind of accommodation you would like to have while on your trip.


Safari Lodges

The lodges do vary, but they all offer delicious food, exquisite locations, beautifully furnished rooms, and great service. Lodges also provide a large range of amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, spa, gardens, gift shops, and more.

Some lodges offer different facilities and activities; if you have an experience in mind, make sure to check what lodges offers what you are looking for; whether it be horse riding, a ride on a camel, a night safari, or any amenities you desire most.


Luxury Tented Camps

If you’re looking to get a little bit closer to nature, but you’re still a creature of comfort, why not bring some of the lodge out into the wild? With a luxury tented camp, you get to be surrounded by nature without losing the comforts of the lodge.

A tented camp still offers excellent food and service while being immersed in the outdoors. It truly is the perfect combination of adventure and comfort rolled into one.


Bush Camp
Video Thumbnail
Timelapse of a night camping at Okonjima in Namibia.

Are you feeling a bit more rugged and adventurous?

Then you may be a perfect fit for the bush camp where you can enjoy nature at its wildest. Enjoy the scent of the plants, the smell of the earth and the sound of the wind in the trees.


What Do You Do I Want to Experience?


The Wildlife
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Dry Dawn

Many of those who visit Africa on a safari are looking for the “big five” animals. These include buffalo, lions, leopards, elephants and rhinoceroses. The chance to get close to one or more of these animals is truly marvellous.

There are several ways to enjoy a safari. Try both riding a horse and walking with a guide, getting out of the vehicle and exploring a little is wonderful.

Why not add some variety for extra excitement and a new perspective on what is around you?


The Amazing Scenery

The scenery of Africa is truly fantastic and is just as a fascinating as the animals. Make sure your itinerary allows time to take in the varied terrains and landscapes as you travel from place to place.

Don’t forget to make time to see at least one of the seven wonders of Africa, so plan one or more of them into your trip as well.


The Culture
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SAMBURU Warriors

No visit to Africa is complete without meeting the people and getting acquainted with their daily lives. Africa has a rich culture so plan some time to visit local villages.

If you get a chance to meet the Maasai or Samburu people (see the beautiful video above), take it and you will make memories that last a lifetime.


Over To You

Once you have an idea of what level of adventure you would like you can begin to gather together guide books and information about the specific areas and wildlife you are likely to encounter.

The more research you do the more prepared you will be for the trip you have always envisioned.

Africa is magical in many ways, from its landscape and wildlife to its customs and people. Be ready for an exciting and poignant adventure that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Would you like to learn more about taking an African safari? Contact Migration Safari for a free consultation and our friendly and helpful team will contact you as soon as they can.

Images: flickrphoto by epcp and Stuart Bassil licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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